I have seen so many indie, self-pubbed books go out with errors. This, unfortunately, results in negative reviews and loss of word-of-mouth sales. The truth is that you have read your own work so many times that you KNOW what you want to say and what is behind it all. I’ve seen companies charge as much as $.08/word for proofing. That’s $6,800 for an 85,000 word book. Honestly. I’ve done the research. Check it out for yourself.

I have proofed books for indie authors and would be happy to read yours. I look for spelling/grammar errors and point out any glaring dropped plot threads or items that just don’t make sense. I call this PROOFREADING PLUS.

My prices are much lower than Createspace or others. I actually charge by the hour rather than the word. An 85,000 word book on Createspace will cost $2,380 or more for thorough proofing. I enjoy reading and this works well for me and for authors just starting out. That 85,000 word book will take, on average, eight to twelve hours. At $50/ hour, it will cost around $500. (This is an estimate based on actual work. If a book has more issues or more words, it may take more time.)


Review of your manuscript using the Microsoft Word Track Changes.

Your manuscript will be checked for

  • Organization of the manuscript
  • Sentence structure
  • Flow and clarity of text and verb tense consistency
  • Plot flow and dropped plot lines
  • Character consistency
  • Tone consistency
  • Details (checking regional phrasing; structure of a setting; etc.)
  • Grammar (recognizing that some elements are used for dialect and style)
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling

I will also provide a comment form with an overall analysis of the work.

Check out my profile on Linkedin, my website: www.wotverge.com, or contact me via the form below if you are interested.

I can provide recommendations upon request from Indie Authors for whom I have provided these services.