What’s Up?

There are currently 38,337 words in the Novel on the Verge (not its real name). They are in a mostly non-random order and are almost interesting to read. There are more words lining up in the queue to be put on the pages. Clamoring, really. They are insistent little buggers. Even “a” and “the” are making noise, banging around my office, kicking ampersands and other varied punctuation. I’d better get to work…

If I am not currently available:

You have reached the page of Writer on Verge. She is busy right now, hopefully working on her novel, but possibly writing web content, press releases, articles, blogs, short stories, or editing or proofreading something or maybe even tutoring someone in writing and how run-on sentences are absolutely okay in the right situation.

Please page through the site and leave a message in any of the handy contact forms and she will return your communiqué as soon as possible.

Just a little aside: The new primary color on the site is Love Sign #2 from Pantone, honoring Prince. All other colors are derivations of that one.

Have a grammatically appropriate day.

Thank you.

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