Me, horrified and with NO PhotoShop. Shocking, isn’t it?

Dear Cosmetic Companies That PhotoShop -Especially Those of You That Advertise Mascara,

You’ve been called out so many times. Rimmel was caught making Zooey Deschanel look like she was made of plastic. Lancome was ridiculous thinking that nobody would notice their advertisement for a foundation on Julia Roberts that used PhotoShop so her skin looked not only flawless, but poreless, and an entirely different color. L’Oreal had the gall to “whiten” Beyonce with Photoshop. None of you are immune. Covergirl, Colourpop, Maybelline… shame on you all.

My most recent irritation is your latest little bit of advertising trickery. Mascara ads. When I buy mascara, I want to know what it will do for my lashes. The most intuitive way would be to look at the picture on the display or magazine ad, right? Hm. Look at this:


That’s right. All those pretty amazingly fantastic lashes can be yours as long as you use this mascara AND LASH INSERTS. Who needs PhotoShop when you can just use real life tricks? Let me tell you, I tried to use lash inserts and false lashes and it is ridiculous. That’s why I want a mascara that makes me look like I’m wearing them. Like the ad copy says: Exclusive sculpting fibers wrap every lash to build an incredible false lash effect. BECAUSE THEY ARE FALSE LASHES.

I’d like to see Gwen here with her regular old eyelashes like the rest of us have and this mascara so I can see what it actually does. Unfortunately she and every other mascara model will be wearing lash inserts or false lashes or, my favorite, “simulated product results.”

You’re on notice, cosmetic giants. I practically keep you in business. If you can’t show me what your product can actually do, I must assume it doesn’t do what you claim does. You want my cosmetics dollars? Show me the lashes.