Help Me Save Dirk Gently

If you’re on Twitter and hooked up with @BBCAmerica or y’know, me, you might have seen me mention that we need to save Save Dirk Gently. Or #SaveDirkGently in twitspeak. That’s because it appears that Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is being closed down for good. Canceled. *sigh*

Haven’t seen it? I believe it’s being shown on Hulu now. I know, I’m awfully upset about this, but the complete and utterly random nature of this show really appeals to me.



Yep, Elijah Wood, Michael Eklund, based on books by Douglas Adams… Do you want to save Dirk Gently yet? Tell you what, give it a try. Then bombard social media with it. Go Full-On Rowdy 3 – you’ll understand after you watch – and let’s save the absurdity. Save Dirk. Somebody has to.


P.S. Yay, me. I figured out to how to put a video in my post!