There are times during a project that I will have recommendations for a client. I have quite a bit of experience, and I try to offer guidance when and where I can. Sometimes, the client will listen and consider and reject that advice. Taking no offense and producing what the client wants, as long as it is professional and will do no harm, is good client service.

I once had a client who wanted very specific things on his home page. The client became increasingly frustrated with suggestions and requests for additions of things to his site. He wanted what he wanted. He understood what he was giving up by not taking the advice of the team I was working with. We produced what he wanted, exactly as he asked and he was satisfied with the outcome.

Do not try to put every client into a mold. A press release does not always have to have the same elements. Neither do homepages, biographies, or articles. The client has to be the guide. If they are open to suggestion, great. If not, and they have been informed of why the suggestion was offered and they still decline, it is their decision.

A professional will do their best to meet CLIENT needs, not fulfill their own vision.