clockI’m a writer… you do the math. I cannot, off of the top of my head, tell you how to convert 1 hour and 39 minutes into a decimal to determine how much a client who is paying me hourly owes me.

If you use a bidding site, they figure all of that out, but for private clients, you need to know this stuff. So, without further torture and sweat over calculators, here is your handy dandy Time Conversion Chart.

Just take your time worked, for example 1 hour and 39 minutes, and you’ll see that this equals 1.65 hours. Multiply times your hourly rate, let’s just say $25, and you know to invoice your client for $41.25. Okay, so you might need a calculator for that last part, but trust me, this chart is incredibly handy.

And it’s my gift to you to make your Freelance life easier…

time chart