if you were hereI might have mentioned that I’m rarely surprised by books or movies. I’ve read so many thrillers/mysteries and seen so many suspense movies that I can almost always see the twist coming. When I find a book that surprises me, I LOVE it.

Gone Girl had plenty of twists, and it’s not surprising that people really liked it, but if you are really looking for a book with plots, characters, and subplots that are tangled and untangled and tangled again only to converge into a great surprise ending, look no further than If You Were Here by Alafair Burke.

You know I don’t do spoilers and you can read “summaries” on Amazon… But don’t. Just pick it up and start reading. If you enjoy mystery/suspense, you’ll love it. Go into it blind. That’s what I did. I saw a review that recommended it – but I only looked at the headline and star rating. I picked it up and hated putting it down.

As an experiment, try it. Pick it up with no warning of the plot or preconceptions. Then let me know what you think. Let me know if you wish you were here…