I do web app reviews for AppAppeal and recently I have had 2 people track me down – one through Linkedin and one through Google – to talk about my reviews. AppAppeal recently began adding bylines to make things more personal. I’ve been writing for them for years and have never heard one thing from anyone. Anyway…. two in one day.

The first was angry. He felt that my negative review was disparaging. I felt his web app was lacking. No pricing, excessive sarcasm on a professional service site, and just not a great site. I responded to all of his complaints and stood by my review.

The second was thrilled. I had given him 5 stars for a thorough, easy-to-use, fantastic app with tons of information about the founders, clear pricing, and intuitive interface. He wanted to send me a t-shirt. What a nice guy.

Here’s the takeaway: If you have a website that is offering a service or an application, make sure it has information about who you are, when you created the app and why, what it does, what it costs, and keep things simple. If it is professional, use a professional tone; if it is a lighter subject, then jokes are fine. Trust me. You’ll get more stars….