I’ve discovered that the system used in our local public school to teach our children basic grammar and spelling has failed my child. Word Study is officially my enemy.

Word Study is not actually a study of words. It is recognizing patterns in words. You don’t actually spell them. Oh, and you don’t define them, either. You have a chart on a piece of paper and cut out the word and sort them in different ways. Yeah. That’s all. Just the sorting.

Apparently, someone decided that actually writing the words a few times and using them in sentences was unnecessary. That only taught them to spell and comprehend and use words. This Word Study teaches them to compare and contrast words as well as identifying patterns in words. You don’t actually have to spell them or use them. Just sort them.

So, now that I have found that my child cannot actually spell or use an apostrophe appropriately or even capitalize proper nouns, I have to find a tutor. A tutor who will teach him the basic principles of grammar and how to spell things like “cereal”. Did I mention he’s in tenth grade?

He has depended on spellcheck, providing good ideas, and content to make up for his deficiencies. I have been asking the school for help with this for 4 years. I’m taking matters into my own hands. As he is my child, he is stubborn and occasionally ornery and won’t listen to me. Thus, the tutor will take over.

Beware, parents. Word Study is out there. It is teaching your children to sort. If you want them to actually spell anything, you may have to stage an intervention.