The Novel from the Verge

It’s true. There is a novel in the works. This time it is not ghostwritten, though I am considering using a pen name like Uwanna Readme or maybe just WotV.

What is this novel? The best way to describe it at the moment, in its current condition, is experimental. Interpret that any way you like. It will be quite different. It will not be romance, erotica, or a western. Nothing wrong with those… just not my style. It is also by me. It is mostly written in my head with a few thousand words or so on pages in my computer.

There you go! What an awesome summary! Don’t you want to jump up and down and beg me to write more? If you could see me, you would understand so much more about it because I am describing it in minute detail via interpretive dance.

Questions are welcome and answers may or may not be given. Oh, and answers may be given by Magic 8 ball.

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