Remember when we had that little chat about telecommuter discrimination? Well, the job that I would be awesome at is still listed and I’m still not hired because…. Right. I’m a telecommuter. It’s like having to admit that I’m a porn operator or something. “I work from a room in my home with a computer and webcam – no, really.”

Have you noticed that job sites never list ‘telecommute’ in the locations menus? That seems a little harsh. I mean, I am somewhere. I’m just not located in the city where the job happens to have an office. And, you know, that is really a benefit because I don’t take up space there and I my office clutter won’t distract anyone else. Oh, and I won’t take anyone else’s food from the fridge or leave passive aggressive notes around… Well, I might leave a note or two. I’d find a way. But the rest of the stuff? Nope. And my tendency to work in my pajamas with bedhead wouldn’t be distressing to anyone, either, unless we have to video chat and then I’d put on some clothes. But maybe not pants.

Anyway, even though I do have a full complement of clients, I kind of really wanted to be considered for this job but I’m a *gasp* telecommuter. I can tell because I’m not wearing pants and nobody here cares.