Okay, so I read this job description today that is the perfect job for me because I am a feisty, zesty, on the verge kind of writer. Only they want people close enough to commute to their office. I won’t name the company…. yet. I sent them messages through whatever means I could find to ask them if I could send a life sized cardboard cutout of me┬áto their office and telecommute. This worked very well on a vacation with friends to Seattle. I’m waiting for a response.

It would save them office space and I wouldn’t eat their snacks or take anyone else’s lunch or make anyone’s screensaver Justin Bieber or anything.

It will be interesting to see if they are willing to take the chance that someone CAN do a kickass job with Skype and other means if they have the skills. And if they don’t? Eh, I won’t out them. I’ll just wait for the right place… is it yours?