I have had quite a week. Stress here, stress there, stress, stress everywhere. And I have taken it all in and let it really make me alternately mad and sad. I’ve hit the peak right now. Because we’re such good friends, I’ll share that I’ve been crying and angry for the last hour or so. Why? Well, it doesn’t really matter. At least not for this forum.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling intense emotion, the best thing I can do is write. I throw words at the page: ANGRY, ENRAGED, STUPID, MAD AS HELL, hurt, ashamed, embarrassed. With each word a little of the emotion leaves my mind because it has a new place to hang out. On the page.

When my brother was very ill, I would go into another room and scribble my feelings and even draw shapes signifying anger or sadness. By basically vomiting them onto the page, I could go back into the room to help my brother feeling lighter and more able to help him.

I hope that by saying that today I feel ANXIOUS ANGRY DUMB MAD SAD INEPT FURIOUS CRAZY and HORRIFIC, I can move forward to see things more clearly.