As a Freelance Writer for over 9 years, I have experience in several areas. I have written web copy, advertising copy, lesson plans, reading comprehension passages, practice standardized test questions, web site reviews, short stories, research articles, dental articles, eBooks, edited published fiction and nonfiction works, and more. I even ghostwrote a YA science fiction novel!

I can write formally or casually. I can manage social media accounts and build up followers and/or connections. If you want it written, I can write it. If I don’t know enough about it, I’ll research and learn. That’s why I’m on the verge.

Okay, sales pitch aside, I have had 100% satisfaction from my clients. My prices are reasonable and negotiable, depending upon what you need. I am a “What You See is What You Get” person. I will provide what I say I will, within the agreed upon time frame. That’s how I roll.

Oh, and edits? No problem. I want you to be completely satisfied with my work for you. The difference between my services and others out there is this: I won’t tell you I can do something if I can’t. I won’t lie to pull you in. I will do my absolute best for you. And I eat my vegetables. Oh, and I’m on the verge. The cutting edge… the bleeding edge… even if that expression makes me a little queasy.

I also have extensive experience in project management, client service management, and team building.


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