Looking for online resources for writers? How about an unbiased review of what’s out there? I’ve visited hundreds of resources and am reviewing them here. You’ll find them rated by reliability, scam, helpful content, and variety. Find your best resources and bookmark them! Today: Writer’s Digest.

While other websites offer resources for writers, Writer’s Digest has the most comprehensive assortment of tools. Regular articles and blog posts keep you up-to-date on questions about querying, revising, things you should and shouldn’t do as a writer, and advice from experts. This is all free for you to peruse.

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Already writing? Writer’s Digest’s resources for writers include classes for very affordable prices. I say this with confidence, because I have experienced a “class” with a “writer” that made promises they didn’t deliver with untruths and a huge price tag. I learned the hard way. If I had taken a course with the promised material from the poorly done course from Writer’s Digest, I would have received more professional content for more than $1500 less. The courses range from basic instruction to actual edits of your material. Each is described clearly, without exception.

Did I mention they have a podcast? Both Writer’s Digest and Writer’s Market – for writers ready to sell – have podcasts for you casting junkies!

They have a bookstore with print and eBooks, webinars, and writerly gifts, frequently with sales on bundles of similarly themed materials. I have accumulated quite a library of resources for writers from the Book of Poisons to Story Trumps Structure (yes, I’m a pantser).

Need more? How about free webinars? Free downloads? Advice for everyone in each part of their writing journey?

There is so much more, but I have to touch on one of the most important parts of Writer’s Digest. The annual conference in New York City. I have attended once and plan to go this year. This is the place to find a plethora of writing knowledge packed into one lecture. There are authors, editors, agents, and topics relevant to wherever you are in your process. In fact, they are divided into the Craft, Business, Genre, and more. If you go to one conference, go to this one.

Yes, I will review more resources in the future, but I want you to know that between paid and free content, this site is a premium place for resources for writers. Go on over and just hover over the headers. You’ll see what I mean.

Review Grade: A+

Next up: Purdue OWL