Okay, not a zillion. But I’ve worked online for a long time. I haven’t had a face-to-face interview in a long time. Last week, I had a job interview with a professional creative ideas agency. I was nervous, but excited.

Working online, I was tempted to look up things like “how not to screw up an interview” and “if they ask you on an interview what kind of tree you would be what is the right answer” or even “how to not look like you only dressed like a grown up today because you usually wear yoga pants”. What I did was to not look up anything about interviewing. I decided that I would show up with my resume and samples in hand, with my not-quite-yoga-pants and a striped blazer and just go for it. Oh, and my favorite Kate Spade hot pink purse.




I know, right? What would possess me to NOT research this to the point of driving myself insane? Well, here’s how I see it. I looked up the company and saw what they did and what their website looked like. That’s it. Then I walked through the doors and went up the elevator and was just…. ME.

Those of you who know me may now be rolling your eyes. How could I possibly go in and be the quirky, eccentric writer and think I’d get the job? I guess I wasn’t thinking that. I was thinking, “This is me. If they like me, I might get the job. If I study up on the kind of person who gets a job and I pretend to be that person and I get the job, what happens?” So, I went in and I was me. I answered questions honestly and was relieved I didn’t have to analyze what kind of tree I would be, because frankly I don’t really know. I don’t want to be a tree.

The interview went well, I think. I loved the work space. I enjoyed talking with the two women who interviewed me. They actually told me I was overqualified – which felt pretty good. I can picture myself there. Whether they liked me or not will remain a mystery until someone lets me know if I have a second interview or not.

If not, at least I went out there and put myself on the line. ME. And it felt pretty good. It will feel better with a job offer, but I still have my yoga pants, so no worries.