gone girl

I wanted to read Gone Girl sooner. I mean, it’s been on bestseller lists for year. My book discussion group is through our local library, so if we want to get our books through them, we can rarely read something new because they are all checked out with a zillion holds on them. In other words, I didn’t get to read it until last month.

My group tends towards more typical book club fodder, so I was very excited to delve into this suspense/mystery. I’m the one in the group who causes the collective groan when I pick a book because it won’t be “ordinary” or something about a war or like “The Help“. They are a great group and we’ve been together a long time, but as we have evolved, it seems like there is less interest in expanding horizons into things that are different. Just wait until I suggest my next one: Special Topics in Calamity Physics ( I LOVE THAT BOOK – they will think it’s too long).

Anyway, Gone Girl is a “he said-she said” alternating chapter novel. This is a great device, because even when things are a little slow – not often in this book – you are looking forward to the next entry that left you hanging in the previous chapter.

I read a lot. I am really good at predicting what’s next or what the “twist” is. Not with this one. That’s why Gone Girl appeals to me. I thought I knew what was going on more than once, only to have Flynn throw me over with a major twist. For me, this makes a great mystery/thriller. I WANT to be surprised.

If you love suspense/mystery/thriller books, give this a try. It’s not like anything you’ve read before. And if it is, let me know because I want to read it.