There are Freelancers who dismiss bidding sites. I don’t blame them. There are a lot of bidding sites that are absolutely horrendous out there. I did tons of research to find out which one, if any, I would use. And I came up with Elance.

Here’s the deal. All bidding sites are going to have very low paying jobs on them. Some people just want the work done; the words slapped on the page; the code written. They don’t care about the quality, just the quantity, the speed, and the cheap cost. When you see those posts offering $3 or even less for 500 word articles, move on to the next listing. You have to learn what to look for in a listing, in a client, and know how to find your answers before you bid.

It can be vexing to work from a bidding site. It isn’t fun to submit proposal after proposal. ┬áBut I got my professional start on Elance and even though I have a number of private clients, I still turn to them when things get slow.

I recently returned to Elance when my kids went back to school. It had been awhile since my last visit and it took me some time to get back into the groove. There is still room for improvement, but there are also still clients willing to pay for quality work.

If you are a freelancer and looking for somewhere to get your start, try Elance. Don’t bother with the other sites, trust me. Elance has features to help and protect you. You might not get the top wages to begin with, but once you build your reputation it becomes easier.

In other words, if you want a place to start your freelance career, bidding sites may be the way to establish a reputation. Elance is the best of these that I have seen. Any questions?


**This post was sponsored by Elance, nor did I receive any payment for it. It is my opinion, and mine only.