When people ask me what I write, I’m tempted to answer “words” because it’s the easiest answer. It’s difficult to explain that I not only write fiction, nonfiction, lesson plans, dental articles, web copy, book reviews, website reviews, web app reviews, articles on a variety of topics, and even dating profiles, I do so much more.

I LOVE to research. I am so into learning, it isn’t funny. I’ve done research for a soon to be published non-fiction book. I’ve provided social media management to multiple clients. I’ve provided client services and project management for 30 clients for new websites. I have managed forums. I have worked with a team that is in multiple locations, leading team building exercises to increase productivity. I have worked with clients from all over the world, including the US, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, and Qatar.

How can I sum that up into a bite-sized packet that people can digest easily and actually understand? I guess I’ll have to just stick with “words” for now….