Michael and me


I don’t think I told you this, but I won a trip to New York City from my favorite places, Sephora (Mecca) and Bumble and bumble. (My hair is quivering at the thought)

I went this weekend and was treated to a day of bliss at the Bb salon. The photo above is of me and Michael Pierce, National Retail Sales Director at Bumble & Bumble. He gave my husband and I a tour of Bb and took out to brunch and was generally just a wonderful person. Seriously. The star treatment started with him.

The salon was luxurious, the staff friendly and incredible. There was not one single moment that I didn’t feel like a VIP. If you are ever in NYC, it would be a shame if you missed this pampering experience.

An artist from Sephora even came over to do my makeup!

Now… the unveiling:



Back to books and freelancing shortly.