daveNot long ago, I announced that my brother would be writing book reviews with me. i added his recent photo without telling you that his bald look was not a fashion statement, but the result of chemotherapy for a particularly aggressive neuroendocrine tumor in his lungs that had spread to his bones and lymph nodes. At the time of my post, he was eager to share his views with you. Unfortunately, cancer had other ideas. His extreme pain did not allow him to write for me. We were led to believe he still had options until recent blood work indicated that his body was shutting down and there was nothing to be done. He was put on comfort care, or hospice, for pain management. I am blessed that my brother and his wife asked me to be there in their home as a co-caregiver during his last days. I stayed up with him at night, reading to him and describing bad horror movies to him when he was unable to watch. He loved those movies… He passed away on January 23rd shortly after 12am in our arms. It was incredibly sad. Even knowing it was coming, it was not easy watching him draw his last breath. He was an amazing man and I wish you had been able to read his views. I put his favorite book, A Confederacy of Dunces (Pulitzer Prize winner) in his casket. So, with a heavy heart, I must announce that David won’t be writing for us. I will, however, post some of his recent favorite reads for your enjoyment.