Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: Review

gone girl

I wanted to read Gone Girl sooner. I mean, it’s been on bestseller lists for year. My book discussion group is through our local library, so if we want to get our books through them, we can rarely read something new because they are all checked out with a zillion holds on them. In other words, I didn’t get to read it until last month.

My group tends towards more typical book club fodder, so I was very excited to delve into this suspense/mystery. I’m the one in the group who causes the collective groan when I pick a book because it won’t be “ordinary” or something about a war or like “The Help“. They are a great group and we’ve been together a long time, but as we have evolved, it seems like there is less interest in expanding horizons into things that are different. Just wait until I suggest my next one: Special Topics in Calamity Physics ( I LOVE THAT BOOK – they will think it’s too long).

Anyway, Gone Girl is a “he said-she said” alternating chapter novel. This is a great device, because even when things are a little slow – not often in this book – you are looking forward to the next entry that left you hanging in the previous chapter.

I read a lot. I am really good at predicting what’s next or what the “twist” is. Not with this one. That’s why Gone Girl appeals to me. I thought I knew what was going on more than once, only to have Flynn throw me over with a major twist. For me, this makes a great mystery/thriller. I WANT to be surprised.

If you love suspense/mystery/thriller books, give this a try. It’s not like anything you’ve read before. And if it is, let me know because I want to read it.

My First Job Interview in a Zillion Years

Okay, not a zillion. But I’ve worked online for a long time. I haven’t had a face-to-face interview in a long time. Last week, I had a job interview with a professional creative ideas agency. I was nervous, but excited.

Working online, I was tempted to look up things like “how not to screw up an interview” and “if they ask you on an interview what kind of tree you would be what is the right answer” or even “how to not look like you only dressed like a grown up today because you usually wear yoga pants”. What I did was to not look up anything about interviewing. I decided that I would show up with my resume and samples in hand, with my not-quite-yoga-pants and a striped blazer and just go for it. Oh, and my favorite Kate Spade hot pink purse.




I know, right? What would possess me to NOT research this to the point of driving myself insane? Well, here’s how I see it. I looked up the company and saw what they did and what their website looked like. That’s it. Then I walked through the doors and went up the elevator and was just…. ME.

Those of you who know me may now be rolling your eyes. How could I possibly go in and be the quirky, eccentric writer and think I’d get the job? I guess I wasn’t thinking that. I was thinking, “This is me. If they like me, I might get the job. If I study up on the kind of person who gets a job and I pretend to be that person and I get the job, what happens?” So, I went in and I was me. I answered questions honestly and was relieved I didn’t have to analyze what kind of tree I would be, because frankly I don’t really know. I don’t want to be a tree.

The interview went well, I think. I loved the work space. I enjoyed talking with the two women who interviewed me. They actually told me I was overqualified – which felt pretty good. I can picture myself there. Whether they liked me or not will remain a mystery until someone lets me know if I have a second interview or not.

If not, at least I went out there and put myself on the line. ME. And it felt pretty good. It will feel better with a job offer, but I still have my yoga pants, so no worries.

Freelance Summer


**Update: Very shortly after I wrote this I found a very cool virtual company called Fire Engine RED. Cross your fingers for me. I applied for a job with them!

My summer has been hot, rainy, and slow. I spend a lot of time juggling everyone’s calendars so that they can be where they want to be when they need to be there, but as far as work goes? It’s a little slow.

I’ve read job postings for $1/500 words; jobs with impossible scopes for budgets of under $500; and jobs with no scope at all that are just baffling. I do find work on Elance, but I’d like to increase my private clients as well. This summer isn’t great for either one.

What am I doing with my “spare” time besides scheduling and driving and making a mess of my office? Looking at job postings. I still don’t know why “anywhere” or “telecommute” isn’t a choice under location for most job sites. And when I went to a Mashable event (online), I found that Internet based businesses don’t even hire telecommuters.

I have worked as a writer and a supervisor from a distance. Isn’t that what Skype, Mikogo, and other tools are for? Why are we still limited by physical space?

I have asked this time and again and still get answers like, “We need to collaborate” or “We need to have access to each other”. Right. Like on Skype, right? Or Go To Meeting? Or Mikogo? Or Google Drive? The biggest disappointment is to hear these answers from Internet businesses. Especially those who call themselves experts on technology and say they are on the cutting edge.

Guess what? I’m on the bleeding edge. I can write, supervise, conduct meetings, collaborate, and access team members ONLINE. And I’m damned good at it. I can only hope that companies wake up and realize that I am one step ahead of them, because I am not slowing down for them to catch up. I’ll find one willing to take the leap at some point, but for now I’m going to keep moving forward and adding to my expertise – taking classes and working.

So if anybody out there thinks they can take the challenge and break the mold… You know where to find me.

Welcome Author Vanessa Skye!


The strange and unusual world of inspiration

  I have wanted to be an author for as long as I can remember. But like most wannabee novelists, life got in the way.

  After high school, I got into university and studied journalism, not because I wanted to be a journalist in particular, but because I thought it would hone my book writing skills.   An internship was a part of my degree, and when I was hired off the back of this, I thought I’d give news reporting a go, because the whole book writing thing was still way off ‘in   the future’ as far as I was concerned.

So I started my career as a cadet journalist in the central west of NSW, Australia. I wrote a lot of stories about sheep and cows. I remember a personal highlight was visiting the cattle yards to do a story on a five-legged cow. I came away from that experience with a deep and profound sense that I needed to do something else with my life, and that I needed to become a vegetarian.

But I was writing up to 22 stories a day, and I was so exhausted that I didn’t want to do any of my own writing when I got home. Because this job was making me tired of words, I decided to make the foray into public relations, and eventually found myself managing a PR company in Sydney for Satan, beset by ungrateful clients and ‘unreasonable’ journalists. I mean, why couldn’t I get a client’s boring product on the front page of Sydney’s largest newspaper—what was wrong with me?
Anyway, I loathed this job. I loathed it to the point where I actually wished to get hit by the L90 bendy bus on the way to work in the morning.  And it wasn’t helped by the fact that every night I would dream of writing the first chapter of a book.While I still had the idea that I wanted to be an author in the back of my mind, my job was so stressful that it was all I could do to feed myself at the end of the day, let alone write anything.

You know when you dream, you’re usually in the dream, like a movie, right? Well this dream was so weird because I was sitting down at my computer and writing a book. And I could read what I was writing while I was writing it. Every night it was the same damn thing, the same words, the same chapter, the same computer screen, over and over, and this went on for about a year.

It got to the point where I could almost recite the first chapter of this annoying book that I kept on dreaming I was writing.

Eventually, I got so fricking tired of this dream, I sat down and wrote this stupid first chapter, just to get it out of my head. But the muses didn’t stop at this first chapter, and before I knew it, I had written a significant portion of a book that looked like it was shaping up to be crime fiction. Who knew that was in me? Forensics? Blood? Violence? WTF? Always in my ‘sometime in the future’ musings, I was writing fantasy novels. I had never thought that crime fiction would be in my repertoire.

But I loved it, this book. Sitting down to write every day was an absolute joy. It wasn’t hard work, it was fun! And by this stage I had told Satan to stick her job and was working part time as a media officer for the Government, which gave me the headspace I needed to write.

Two months later, and I had written the first draft of the book, The Enemy Inside. I had written it without a plan, without any plot, and with minimal idea of where it would end up.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a very GOOD draft, it needed to be reworked and revised consistently over the next five years, but hey, almost without meaning to I had written a book thanks to an annoying dream that I was doing my best to ignore!

The second book, Broken, was inspired by a news report I saw about a local crime. The actual crime was wrapped up quickly and the perpetrator arrested and convicted, but in my mind I had created this whole back-story about the real motivation for the offense. Again, I had no idea where that came from!

To wrap up, I am currently writing the third book in this series, which was inspired by a pop song. Weird.

I’ve found inspiration strikes when you least expect it, and rarely looks the way you think it will. But if you go with it, amazing things can happen! At least I don’t want to be hit by a bus anymore!

The Enemy Inside will be release on Amazon, Kobo, Booktopia, Book Depository and on The Writer’s Coffee Shop website on August 8. For other books and blogs, go to vanessa-skye.com


Tomorrow We Meet The Enemy Inside


Well, not the REAL enemy inside.  Vanessa Skye, author of the novel The Enemy Inside, will be making a stop here on her blog tour. Please stop by and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway to win a copy of the book. I’m reading it right now and am captivated!

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Just ask yourself: Is it better to face a past that was buried for a good reason or seek vengeance by giving in to the evil within yourself? This is the central question Detective Alicia Raymond must answer as bodies pile up and violence is tempting her. But I can’t say any more because I’m still reading!!!

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