Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by ZZ Packer

This is not a new book… but we read it for my book club and everyone was pleasantly surprised. I say “pleasantly” because I am that member who chooses books outside of everyone’s comfort zone. This was a compilation of short stories that was wonderfully written. Each was a snapshot of a life in transition. The club members gave it an 8.5and they are tougher than Rotten Tomatoes! I’m not normally a short story fan, but this book has changed my perspective. Give it a try. Seriously.

Hey! I’m a Costume Designer! Sort of…

Drumline 2013 Worlds

Check out my son’s group, the Hilton Winter Percussion Ensemble, as they win the gold competing against 61 other groups in the PSA division of the WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio last weekend.

And yes, I made 5,836 versions of that turban until the director was happy. I’m absolutely certain the judges said, “Look at those turbans! OMG! They HAVE to win!” and then they noticed how awesome the group was and it was a lock.

Anyway, enjoy the video. These students worked hard – and I’m talking 7 hour practices every day during spring break – and deserve the gold. Yeah, I’m bragging. 🙂

Back to books and writing next week!