Client Service

Whether I’m working on my own as a freelancer or for a company as Director of Client Services, my focus is always on the client. Obviously, the well-being of my business or company is important, but the best way to ensure continued success of any business that provides a service is to focus on the clients’ needs.

That’s why I am a stickler for details. I want to provide the best. Granted, every job has a learning curve, but once I understand what my client needs and exactly how the system works, I give 100%.

I have a friend who calls me Mary Poppins because, he says, I’m practically perfect. I may not be perfect, but I can say that I’m working on it!

Fun with Apps

One of my clients is AppAppeal. I love writing for them because I get to try a variety of interesting apps and then review them for the website. Usually, this is really intriguing and fun and I find a ton of new apps to use.

There are apps for group funding, online microvolunteering, and even time management apps for businesses. Seriously, if you are looking for a review of a website or web app, whether for business or pleasure, check these reviews out.

This is one of the best perks of freelance writing… you never know what you’re going to learn next.

A Very Flattering Recommendation

At my previous job, I worked as Director of Client Services and had to wear a lot of hats. I loved that job. Working with clients and a team of amazing professionals, I couldn’t get enough of it!

Well, one of my previous clients just sent me this fabulous recommendation letter. Go to my recommendation page and read the letter from Dr. Rauth. Yes, he was a demanding client. But I was happy to work with him and make sure his website was everything he wanted.

His letter means a lot to me.  Thank you, Dr. Rauth…

A Variety of Services

When people ask me what I write, I’m tempted to answer “words” because it’s the easiest answer. It’s difficult to explain that I not only write fiction, nonfiction, lesson plans, dental articles, web copy, book reviews, website reviews, web app reviews, articles on a variety of topics, and even dating profiles, I do so much more.

I LOVE to research. I am so into learning, it isn’t funny. I’ve done research for a soon to be published non-fiction book. I’ve provided social media management to multiple clients. I’ve provided client services and project management for 30 clients for new websites. I have managed forums. I have worked with a team that is in multiple locations, leading team building exercises to increase productivity. I have worked with clients from all over the world, including the US, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, and Qatar.

How can I sum that up into a bite-sized packet that people can digest easily and actually understand? I guess I’ll have to just stick with “words” for now….

Technology Love

I love technology. Even when it doesn’t love me back, like when my computer freezes or I text something ridiculous thanks to autocorrect. So, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve upgraded my iPad.

I sent in my old, first generation one to a reseller for $280 and my new one is in transit. It is scheduled to arrive on Monday. I don’t know if I can wait. I’ve been reading about it and thinking about it and dreaming about it and just plain wanting it since I ordered it.

My brand new, beautiful iPad that will be completely obsolete by next year at this time. Ah… technology.

I’m No Longer a Twit

I know that social media is important, but I don’t tweet. I used to tweet. But I no longer engage in that way and doubt I will return to it.

I had a personal Twitter account with over 1200 followers. I used it for fun, adopting a “persona” that was sometimes like me and sometimes not. As my followers grew, I found myself engaging in more and more conversations. There was a lot of joking and the occasional blocking of oddballs and sleazebags. But the more followers I gained, the more I felt I needed to keep up.

I held Twitter parties where I was put in “Twitter jail” for indefinite amounts of time for over-tweeting. I actually had a backup account set up for when that happened. My followers followed my Free Me account. I started to feel like I had to answer every tweet directed to me. I was checking Twitter constantly.

One day I tweeted over 3000 times. I had a wake up call. Twitter just wasn’t good for me. I’m the kind of person who throws myself into things: projects, my children, work, research. I was doing this with Twitter and it wasn’t healthy. I deleted my account with a brief message to my followers.

So, if people ask for my Twitter handle, I politely decline. I have an account for testing things for clients, but it is locked. I never check it. I DO manage accounts for clients in Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms, but my days of tweeting for myself? Um. No. Maybe someday I will find that balance, but it was too tempting and too engaging and way too much fun. I’m no longer a Twit.

The few followers who turned into friends had been accepted on Facebook as real friends. I Facebook regularly and maintain a business page there as well. Some days I update my status more than others, but nothing like Twitter.

Lucky for my clients, I am similarly passionate with my work. Once I begin a project, my attention is focused on it and I give it my all, returning again and again to check that my work is my absolute best. OCD? Not quite… but a darned useful quality when channeled the right way.

Good Business – Ethics Matter


Once upon a time, I worked for someone who did not have good ethics. I realized this after about a year of working for the person. I found that there were some serious moral issues in his personal life and that’s what tipped me off to watch more carefully in business associations. What I found was NOT pretty. Client and contractor needs were secondary. “Good enough” was good enough. And no matter what, bill the client for everything you could. Needless to say, I quit.

I don’t work that way. I like to think of myself as WYSIWYG. I won’t make promises I can’t keep. I won’t quote you outrageous fees. I will deliver on time and not ask for more money. I run an honest business and hope to form personal relationships with my clients based on respect and trust. “Good enough” is NOT good enough. I will do my best to provide you with exactly what y0u have requested. I want you to be happy with your experience here on the Verge.

So, if you need copywriting, article writing, social media management, project management, web copy, research, or any other service, please contact me and let’s talk. I promise you that what you see is what you get.

Next time: Why I no longer have a personal Twitter account.


The Perils of Time Management

 When I was Director of Client Services, I never had to worry about time management. I logged on and BAM, there was my work. Troubleshooting, meeting planning, team building, client calls, project management… I worked about 65 – 70 hours per week.

Returning to freelancing means I make my own schedule. The key word in that sentence is schedule. If I don’t lay out a schedule, my projects won’t be done on time and that simply is not acceptable. I am nothing if not prompt. In fact, I take pride in delivering on time.

I realized this week that I have been feeling the freedom of being my own boss and maybe taking advantage of it a little bit too much. Yes, a lot of time has been spent networking on LinkedIn, creating this website, and participating in some volunteer judging pre-event work for the FIRST Robotics League (coolest thing ever), but I have done little client work.

Client service is very important to me, especially with my background in client service and project management. In other words, today I will focus on client work and resist the temptation to continue to experiment with this site or network on LinkedIn.

I think my next post will be about business ethics. I have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly, and decided I want to be better than good – I want my business to be outstanding.